At the Beach on K'un Ming Hu (A Panorama of the Summer Palace)  
San Diego, California  


When I prescribe a herbal formula to a patient, I frequently hear the question “What's in it?”  If the contents are listed on the label , I often try to explain the kind of herbs used. A typical label will contain 7 to 14 individual herbs written in Chinese letters together with its botanical names. Neither is very useful for the patient. So,the next question I will hear is: “What do these herbs do?”  This question is difficult to answer satisfactorily. It takes many years of study to learn the function of “these herbs” and their interactions. It would take some time to explain why the choice is made. Furthermore, Chinese herbal formula prescriptions are complex in the types of ingredients as well as the appropriate ratio of herbs.

Due to the rising popularity of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, it is becoming much easier to order Chinese herbal formulas through the Internet for a variety of illnesses. A Google search will give you a long list of herbal formulas suppliers eager for your business. This is a welcome progress. Unfortunately, there is an important issue that remains unaddressed. How do you determine which is the most appropriate product amongst all the available formulas? Buying an herbal formula is quite unlike buying a car, where you can let your heart or pocketbook determine the outcome. The worst that can happen is you might lose some money. However, using a formula without the correct diagnosis most often would not work, and sometimes can even be harmful. It may make the condition worse. On this issue, no amount of Googling will help you unless you are ready to sit down and spend a few years studying. That is the  truth... no exaggeration.





Photo of Dr. Wang and Puppy

Meet the Doctor

Licensed, State of California. Practitioner of acupuncture and herbal medicine in Pacific Beach of San Diego and Corona area since 1998.

Faculty Member - Pacific College of Oriental Medicine,

Expert Consultant - State of California Acupuncture Examination Board.

M.S. degree from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the best TCM schools in U.S.

M.S. degree in clinical chemistry from Cleveland State University. Ph.D. in electro and analytical/electrochemistry chemistry from Michigan State University, East Lansing.

R/D in biomedical industry for over 16 years, developing life- saving clinical instruments and devices. Have one U.S. patent issued.

Resident of many fine cities in the U.S. including: Richmond, VA, Lincoln Park, NJ, Bayside, NYC, Lexington, MA, Dayton, OH, Indianapolis, IN ,Sandy, UT, San Francisco. Finally the beautiful city of San Diego, California since 1997.





Image from "At the Beach on K'un Ming Hu (A Panorama of the Summer Palace)", published in Peking the beautiful by Herbert Clarence White, 1927, courtesy of the public archive collections from the NYPL Digital Gallery.

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