Our goal is to provide effective, affordable and speedy relief of pain

What we do

The main service we provide here in the clinic is to treat pain and related issues. To achieve a better result, often we use additional treatments, moxibustion, a very effective modality of treatment. The following list is just a small fraction of what can be treated effective very effectively with acupuncture and moxibustion.

– Neck & should pain

– Upper backs, low back & pelvis pain

– Arthritis of the rotator cuffs, knees & hip joints

– Herniated discs

– Joint pain & sciatica

– Migraine and other headaches, and many others


acupuncture at Lv 7, Lv 8 most important points for low back pain

Sources of pain

The most majority of body pain comes from the uncontrolled muscle tension. For ages and ages, massive amount of efforts have been undertaken to solve this problem with little success until recently. Such improvement is the result of the understanding of two body structures, the Golgi Tendon Organs and the neural network in the spinal column, mainly Central Pattern Generators, CPG. I have developed a set of acupuncture treatment procedure called American Style Acupuncture to take advantage of such new knowledge. These procedures are described in the talks I gave to acupuncture students and published on the YouTube series. You can find the link in the Resource page of this website.

Understanding of these organs made the resolving of the muscle tensions much easier to achieve. As the consequence, many related problems including arthritis, migraine headache or hernia discs easy to treat. Even more interesting is the so called fibromyalgia can be helped with ease.

For moxibustion, only smokeless moxa sticks are used as we work in a closed environment in the clinic, regular moxa sticks are not comfortable for many people.

Herbal formulas

In many situations, a body problem can better be addressed with herbal formulas. It may not be as convenient but is a much better better choice. This is due to the fact that only a limited number of acupuncture visits are permitted per year. The therapeutic effects can be sustained for longer period of time with herbal supplement. 

As an example, many women experience severe hot flush symptoms approaching menopausal times. An herbal formula named Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan is such an effective remedy for this condition. 

one of the many brands of this herbs

Educational resources

Health is a life style. Many good healthy habits are essential to achieving a good health. But prior to have a good life style, we need to minimize the bodily pain. Both elements are necessary and interdependent. We are launching a new website dedicated to provide such knowledge.

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