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This is a list of YouTube videos under the title “American Style Acupuncture”. They are the recordings from a series of talks to acupuncture students. I called them the ” American Style” because the practice is different from current popular Chinese style, Japanese Style or Korean style.

The main difference from these aforementioned styles lies in the foundation of the practice for resolving the pain, specifically the muscle related pain. While all the other style relies on the mystical “Qi”, our style is based on the physiology of nerves and muscles to resolve the disorderly muscle tension. The inner working will be discussed in detail in another website dedicated on the practice of American Style Acupuncture.

video on neck shoulder pain treatments- American style acupuncture

Talk on neck pain treatment and its implications
Treatment for neck injury pain caused by automobile accident
Patient had been in severe pain at the neck over several months as the result of automobiles accident. pain was constant.

Cases discussions from earlier practices

The inclusion of these cases are for reference purpose. Many protocols have been improved since first writing of these articles.

Chapter 1 Calm the mind and settle the body
chapter 2  Neck and shoulder problems-basics
     2.1       N-S protocol
     2.2       Auto accident, work related injury,  cervical disc herniation
chapter 3 Neck and shoulder -complications, part 1

    3.1       Migraine and other headaches

    3.2       Ringing in the ear

    3.3       Dizziness

    3.4       TMJ

    3.5       Trigeminal neuralgia

    3.6       Grinding teeth

    3.7       Toothache and other dental problems

Chapter 4 Neck and shoulder-complications, part 2
    4.1       Upper or lower arm pain
    4.2       Carpel tunnel
    4.3       Numbness in the arm and fingers
            Reynaud’s syndrome
            Smokeless moxibustion
    4.4       Rotator cuff or frozen shoulder
    4.5       Trigger finger
Chapter 5 Low back pain: a big health issue
    5.1 Why low back pain
    5.2 Wang’s Low back treatment
    5.3 Most important requirement of needling       technique
    5.4   Strained and /or sprained low back muscles
    5.5  Other back pain complications:
            Herniated disc syndromes, stenosis and pinch nerves issues
            Pain at the SI joint
            Sciatic pain
            Calf pain and “Charley Horse”
Chapter 6 Joints problems:
    6.1       Painful joints or arthritis
    6.2       Golf elbow, tennis elbow
    6.3       Frozen shoulder
    6.4       Swollen joints and limbs
    6.5       Rheumatoid Arthritis
    6.6      Gout
Chapter 7 Foot and ankle problems
       Plantar fasciitis, heel pain, neuritis
Chapter 8 Emotional well being-A balanced mental attitude
Chapter 9 Urinary and bladder issues
    9.1       Interstitial cystitis
    9.2       Vaginal pain
    9.3       Painful urination
    9.4       Frequent urination
    9.5       Prostate issues          
Chapter 10 Digestive issues
    10.1     Nausea and vomiting
    10.2     Abdominal bloating
    10.3     Loose bowel or constipation
    10.4     Flank pain
    10.5     Abdominal issues related to surgery
Chapter 11 Scar tissues issues
Chapter 12 Icing or no icing
Icing, no icing that is the million dollar question
Chapter 13 Swollen limbs
Chapter 14 Sexual abuse and book I recommend